Dad shares one last beer with sons hours before dying of cancer

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A father final wish to drink a beer with his sons before he died of cancer has tugged at the heartstrings of thousands

“My grandfather passed away today,” Adam Schemm said last week on Twitter. “Last night all he wanted to do was have one last beer with his sons.”

The photo shows 87-year-old Norbert Schemm smiling in his Wisconsin hospital bed holding a Bud Light while surrounded by his three sons, all holding cups of their own. His wife was also there, holding his hand.

The photo went viral, getting more than 329,000 likes and 32,000 retweets. Fox News reports some users shared their own final moments with loved ones.

Schemm TODAY Parents that Norbert had stage 4 colon cancer and that drinking beer together was one of the last moments family members had with him.