Petition aims to change the name of Wichita's baseball team

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Hours after Wichita learned the name of the city's new Triple-A baseball team, someone has created a petition to change it. 

Nearly 7,400 people have signed the online petition at as of 2:45 p.m. Thursday. The name, the Wichita Wind Surge, was revealed Monday evening in Old Town.

The petition, created under an account with the name ICT Radio, says the following:

"We love our city but when moves happen that we all question we all join together to do something about it! Wichita Wind Surge is a horrible name. The logo looks like Pegasus and the taxpayers had basically no say. At least let the taxpayers name the team. We paid for it after all. This petition is to change the name to anything else! We might as well be named the Wichita Mmmm mm mmm mudslides!!!!"

A series of potential names were gradually released, like: Wichita Linemen, Doo-Dahs, and the 29ers. The team will start playing in April 2020. 

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