K-State QB Skylar Thompson is having a career year running the ball

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K-State sits at 6-2 and is in a three way tie for 3rd place in the Big 12. One of the teams the 'Cats are tied with is Texas, and the two have an important showdown in Austin this weekend. 

A huge part of K-State's success this year stems from the team's running game. More specifically, it's been the Wildcats using quarterback Skylar Thompson to gash opponents. 

Through eight games Thompson has 331 yards rushing which is 43 yards from a new career high. He also has 10 touchdowns on the ground, which is more than the previous two seasons combined and it's the third best mark in the league. 

“I think just being more comfortable when to tuck it and go when things break down. I think he’s seeing things pre-snap so well that, ‘Ok, it’s man coverage. If my read’s not there, I can tuck it and go because there’s probably not somebody there,’" said Kansas State football coach Chris Klieman. "I just thought Coach Mess (Courtney Messingham) and the offensive staff did a really good job designing the option that we ran a number of times on Saturday, but then give Skylar all the credit because he executed as far as tucking it and running for the big gain the one time. Then, even on a 3rd and short, kind of cutting back and making a big play. Then pitching it at the right time a couple of times." 

"That’s not easy to do, especially with us, we’re not an option offense, so we don’t practice that much more than a few handful of times a week. I thought he did a great job as far as executing the play," said Klieman.