One-legged duck in Maine on her way to getting prosthetic leg

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A woman from Gardiner, Maine, adopted a duck about a week ago -- but this isn't your average duck.

Faith, a mallard duck, lost one of her legs in a fox attack.

Her new owner, Loni Hamner, thought it would be nice to get Faith a new, prosthetic leg. According to station WMTW she put it out on social media and has been contacted by dozens of people who want to help create a leg for the bird.

Hamner said that, on the night she posted the story to Facebook, a person printed a 3-D leg. 

Hamner added that, while Faith has been thriving with just the one leg, she's excited to get her back to full strength.

"I'm very excited about it," said Hamner. "I think that she'll finally be able to, in her two young years of life, actually be a duck with that new prosthetic and catch up and be active with my other flock members."

And she didn't only adopt Faith; she also adopted a chicken, Hope.

They were the only two members of their whole flock that survived the fox attack, and Loni says that the two are inseparable.