Airport holds third annual snow rodeo

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With snow in the forecast for this week, the Wichita airport held its third annual snow rodeo. Workers ran winter weather drills on the runways. 

Airports all over the nation face the risk of delays with winter weather quickly approaching. "This is in sense a dress rehearsal to get everything ready and practice," says Brad Christopher, Eisenhower airport Assistant Director. 

But the process isn't what people are used to. "There are really no similarities at all between snow and ice control, plowing snow and ice on roads and highways versus an airport," says Christopher.

Because of strict rules by the FAA, the chemicals they use have to be non-corrosive. They can't use salt like on city streets and they use brushes instead of plows. Clearing the runways can cost them up to $80,000. 

Lora Thilmony is stopping in Wichita this week, she hopes other fliers can be patient when traveling during winter, "not to worry. If they do have a cancellation, it's for a good reason. Maybe you will lose a day or two, but cancelling a flight is better than having a flight go down." 

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