Boy who watched dogs as he went through chemo gets Corgi puppy of his own

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A 13-year-old boy who watched dogs as he was undergoing cancer treatment now has a corgi puppy of his own.

WGN reports 13-year-old Johnny Martin has spent nearly every weekday at a Chicago children's hospital to treat a rare cancer. He recently underwent a 26-hour surgery to removed the dozens of tumors that grew in his chest cavity.

During Johnny's chemo sessions, he would make his way to a hospital window and its view of the dog park nearby.

As he grew stronger, he began fantasizing about owning  a dog himself. To pass the time during his daily chemo infusions, he told every nurse, oncologist and doctor about his "dream Corgi dog."

They reached out to Little Wish Foundation, a nonprofit that works to bring joy to those who have suffered because of a medical condition.

Founder Liz Niemiec and her team of volunteers gave Johnny his dream dog.

The boy is still undergoing chemo to ensure that the tumors do not grow back, but as of a month ago he was declared completely cancer-free.

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