Shockers have their first practice of the season

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"All guys that were in their first year last year and now they know it. They don't know it like the back of their hand but they understand it enough to help the new guys. This is what we do in transition. This is what we do on a dead ball. This is how we break a press," said Wichita State men's basketball coach Gregg Marshall. "So we're way ahead. "

Wichita State had their first practice of the season on Tuesday, and ahead of schedule has to be music to Shockers fan's ears. 

WSU has six newcomers and 10 out of their 13 scholarship players are underclassmen, so it's once again a young team. The Shockers aren't inexperienced though. More than half the roster played last year and a handful of them saw a lot of meaningful minutes. 

Marshall gave credit to that core for helping bring the freshman along. He also says the summer practices have helped them install about 70% of their system.

The new Shockers have a lot of talent and Marshall says they're a confident group.

"I don't want to say that they're smarter than last year's group. Last year's group was plenty intelligent and all of that, but they have picked things up very very well. Maybe we've taught it a little slower and a little more thoroughly but this group basketball wise has really picked things up well," said Marshall.

"Hopefully with adding the talent now and their understanding of what we're doing we won't see quite as slow of a start as we had last year."