Would you wear these asymmetrical jeans like Celine Dion?

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Céline Dion continues to make headlines with her elaborate fashion looks, and her asymmetrical denim moment still has people talking months after she debuted the look.

In June, the award-winning singer sent fashion obsessives around the world into a tizzy when she stepped out in a pink feathered sleeveless top and jeans that featured one straight leg and one wide-leg.

The unique design is from Kseniaschnaider, a brand known for creating eclectic denim looks that are sure to get you noticed.

The asymmetrical jeans come in a variety of washes ranging from medium blue to dark belted washes.

The jeans will set you back between $375 - $440 and has attracted celebrity fans such as Camila Cabello and Bella Hadid.

Since Dion's stroll in her pair, these jeans continue to be a trending topic of discussion.

Jason Spicoli wrote on Twitter, "A designer created asymmetrical jeans because FASHION BABY. Well, they're now on sale for $462-per-pair! If you see someone wearing these, stop what you're doing and please call 911."

While another user, Matt Kane, begged the question, "What the Fashion is going on?"

It's not your typical denim look, but it is unique, to say the least.

Hot or heck no?