Local Democrats react to debate

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In the banquet hall of an Old Town brewery, the talk of the tables was politics.

“I’m actually am closer ideologically to where Bernie Sanders is, but I just don’t like him as a candidate,” said Damien Gilbert. “I think Elizabeth Warren is everything that I want in a candidate.”

Thursday night, ten presidential candidates met for the third debate. The qualifications to be in the debate were the highest yet. Each of them needed more supporters, contributions and higher poll numbers than before.

Wichita Democrats said that the expectations were higher, too.

“I feel like we’ve talked about Trump more than we should. I think the Democratic Party is focusing too much on that,” said Rebecca McNelly. “I think that we’ve talked about health care over and over again and it’s the same things coming up.”

The watch party at Pour House was organized by the Sedgwick County Young Democrats.

“Basic human right is one of our main focuses,” said Erika Sharon, President of Sedgwick County Young Democrats. “People who are local, they’re struggling with it now.”

With more debates ahead, and the first caucus still months away, their interest is still peaked.

“I’d like to hear more about their platforms. Each of them. I feel like this debate, so far, has been pretty controlled, I was hoping to hear more topics,” McNelly said.

Sedgwick County Republicans responded to the debate, as well. Chairman Dalton Glassock sent KAKE News a statement. He wrote, “What we are witnessing again this evening is a continued effort by the Democratic Presidential candidates to move their party further left. Failed socialistic policies of free healthcare for all, increased government bureaucracy, in addition to their appeasement of the far left radical base will only lead to a President Trump re-election in 2020.”

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