Group pushes for ban on plastic bags in Wichita

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The rustling of a plastic bag as groceries go in, is something people have heard for years. Now one group in Wichita wants that to come to an end.

Jane Byrnes belongs to "Bag Free Wichita."

"Trash, trash, trash, trash, trash - we want to eliminate some of that trash.We want to clean up our city, we want to clean up our environment," she says.

The group is proposing a ban on all plastic bags in the city to the Wichita City Council.

Some shoppers that KAKE News spoke to, say they're thinking along the same lines.

"I think a ban would be good," says Mary Jo Museousky. "I think they're everywhere, you see them blowing across the road and up against the bushes and I just don't think we need them."

Museousky says she uses her other bags when she can, while shopping at a store that's in the process of phasing out plastic bags.

Other shoppers say they'll use whatever they're given.

"Plastic bags are convenient," says Don Dalke. "We really liked the paper bags when they had them, but sort of whatever they got is what we'll use."

Other Wichitans say adapting to the change is another issue. They want to see more recycling of the plastic, but for Deanne Ballard, it's a double-sided situation.

"I'm not opposed to them banning plastic bags," she says. "We use them, but if I remember to grab my own bags, I do."