Wildlife exhibit in Wichita names new bobcat: Rufus

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In the style of "The Lion King," kids from Riverside Elementary school welcomed the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit's new bobcat, now officially named Rufus. 

Rufus came from the Milford Nature Center where he was being cared for after his mother was hit and killed by a car. 

Rufus' story is a lot like the park's beloved bobcat Bobby, who died in February after a long life at the exhibit in Wichita's Central Riverside Park. Bobby's mom was also killed by a car when he was a week old, and he couldn't survive on his own. 

Students were on hand for the name announcement. 

"It's very cool, because if they don't have someone to care or they don't know how to survive by themselves, how are they going to survive without anybody to help them along the journey as an animal in the wild?" 5th-grader Kaymonie Copelin said.

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