Dangerous intersection near school in Hutchinson will have traffic light after all

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A dangerous intersection near Prairie Hills Middle School in Hutchinson has parents and district members concerned. 

Three newly installed poles sit at the intersection of 30th and Lucille in Hutchinson, but nothing is attached to them. At least, not yet. 

"They've already got three poles up, so they've got a good head start," says Buhler School District Superintendent, Mike Berbliner.

Wednesday, KAKE News told viewers about Prairie Hills Middle school and the safety concerns around a nearby intersection. 

Because of recent construction, it's one of the only ways both to and from the school, but there aren't any lights to help direct traffic. 

The city installed poles in late June, but the project has been at a stand still ever since. To finish the job, the city told the district it would have to come up with half of the $13,000 dollar price tag, and that money just wasn't in the school district's budget. 

Thursday, it seems the lights will come on after all. Matt Bretz lives nearby, and after our story aired, he decided to open up his own wallet. 

"Our thought was, if we can prevent one person from getting in a wreck or prevent a death, obviously the cost is worth it a thousand times over," says Bretz.

Parents say they couldn't be happier. Yesterday, Wendy Neill was urging other parents to ask the city to reconsider. Today, she no longer worries for her child's safety come the first day of school.

"It just shows that our community comes together in times of need and can meet those needs even if the district can't," says parent, Wendy Neill. 

Hutchinson city leaders say they hope to have the light completed by the first day of school.