Couple looking for truck stolen in Old Town

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Ciara Smith says she's always felt safe in her Old Town apartment. 

"I've lived here for two years today...I've never had any trouble with any thefts or burglaries," says Smith. 

That is, until last Thursday. Just like any other night, her boyfriend came over. 

"It gets pretty crowded, so he'll usually park his truck somewhere on this street," she says. 

But the next morning, his truck wasn't where he left it. 

"It caught us completely off guard. We did not expect it at all," says Smith. 

Her boyfriend immediately called police and gave them surveillance video. It shows a red car pulling up to the white Ford F-250. Someone gets out and then gets into the truck. Then, both vehicles drive away. 

"He was on a mission. Took maybe eight minutes, and they were gone," says Smith. 

Police say unfortunately, auto thefts aren't uncommon. 

"Last week I looked and there were 12 auto thefts that were reported in a 24 hour of them were where a person comes out of their house and there car is gone and they had no idea where it went," says Lt. Scott Brunow with WPD.

Already this year, 1,362 vehicles have been stolen. Police say the recovery rate this year is at about 66%, but with so many thefts, it's impossible to find them all. 

"I've got five detectives. So, not everything gets assigned out for a follow up," says Brunow. 

Smith is hopeful the truck will be recovered, but even if it isn't found, things are still looking up. The truck was stolen on Thursday, which is ironically, her last day in her apartment. She was already planning on moving somewhere new with her boyfriend. 

"Our new house has a two car garage, so we shouldn't have any problems in the future or at least we pray," says Smith.

If you have any information about the truck, call Crime Stoppers at 267-2111.