Aftershocks start preparations for the TBT

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The Wichita regional of The Basketball Tournament begins in about a week. 

Wichita State's alumni team, the Aftershocks held their first official practice today. 

They are still missing a few members of the team. 

Shaquille morris will join the Aftershocks in a few days. Morris' mother passed away recently. 

Tonight's practice consisted mostly of scrimmaging 5 on 5 to develop some chemistry. 

The aftershocks roster is full of players from different eras of Wichita State basketball. Some going back to 2010. 

This group is set to make history as the first WSU alumni team to participate in the TBT. Something they don't take lightly. 

"I think it speaks a lot on the culture in the community here," said former Shocker Rashard Kelly. "I mean think about it. Two years ago they had the March Madness tournament downtown and that was a big success. Why not keep things going on in the city. "

"It means a lot," Zach Brown said. "I almost wasn't apart of the team but I am and now that I've been given the chance I'm definitely going to take advantage and it should be an amazing opportunity for me and everybody else. It's the first time we're doing this so it's going into the books as a legendary moment I guess." 

The Aftershocks face Iowa United on July 25th at 8 pm.