75-year-old Kansas man stuck in mud for more than a day

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A 75-year-old man is safe after falling into a muddy ditch.He was stuck there for a day and a half.

On Friday, David Schneider's truck got stuck in the mud. He got out, walked about a half mile and then he got stuck himself in a ditch that's almost invisible from the highway.

Long time neighbor Brooks Beeton was driving down the road when he saw the stuck truck, and then realized what happened.

"I looked over and I seen his arms and he was yelling and waving his arms in the air and I said well I'll be back - I'm going to get help and put my boots on!"

When he rushed back to get his mud boots on, the search for Schneider had already begun...

"When I got there the Sheriff said they were going to getting some people to look for him and then I happened to show up and said, 'Are you guys looking for Dave Schneider' and they said yeah and I go, 'I know where he's at' and the sheriff and I went and got him," explains Beeton.

The mud so thick, pulling him out was no small task.

"It took me and the sheriff everything we had to get him out," says Beeton.

After suffering a traumatic experience, severe dehydration, and having this view for an entire day and a half, these were his first words to Beeton.

"He looked at me like he always does and said "Hi neighbor!"

Many in town deeming Beeton a hero.

"I just happened to be there at the right time, that's all it was. Just doing what anybody else would've done," says Beeton

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