Kyle Haas wins two national wrestling titles in matter of days

Kyle Haas’ wrestling resume is full of accomplishments after only two years of competition at the high school level. 

"One loss in each season, 3rd last year at state and a state champion this year and wrestled just tremendously against great competition," said Maize wrestling coach Mike Schauer. " It’s been a great ride." 

The ride hit a minor bump in the road about two weeks before he was going to compete at the US World Team trial tournaments in Akron.

"I was doing bent over rows in weights class and I went to drop it and it bounced off the rack and there was a little metal piece that sticks out from beneath your bench and it hit it and it just bounced and it just landed right on my pinky toe," Haas said with a smile.

His toe was broken, but it didn't affect his preparation. 

"Just did hard conditioning, swimming and try to get my coordination back," Haas said. "You get like your athletic you know, you’re not as focused on one thing and it’s just like now I got my conditioning and my wrestling."

Haas entered the Greco-Roman and Freestyle brackets in Akron despite not dedicating as much time to Greco style training.

"Wrestling is wrestling," said Haas. "There’s nothing too crazy different about it. I mean one is you can’t touch your legs. You just go out and wrestle and that’s all I could do." 

Kyle went a perfect 11-0 in his matches and secured not one but two national titles in the Greco-Roman and Freestyle brackets.

"One of the best feelings ever," Haas said when asked about the two titles. "You just know what you worked for like this is what you want to do. You think about how hard you’ve worked."

"Everybody who has watched Kyle knows what he’s capable of doing and so that wasn’t a surprise," Schauer said. 

Haas is the only US team member to qualify for both brackets in the international tournament which begins in Bulgaria on July 29th.

"Never wrestled a kid from a different country," Haas said. "I feel like if you don’t think about that kind of stuff like where you’re ranked in the country what you are ranked in the world and then you just go out and do what you’ve trained for then it all just comes with it."