A new organization is helping people get some rest

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A brand new organization is working to help people rest easy, and get rid of a certain pest. "It doesn't matter your social status or your class at all, it just affects everyone, and we're realizing that," says Monica Warren.

We're talking about bed bugs and they can happen to anyone... They spread rapidly. That's why the sleep tight foundation was started to step in and eradicate the problem when someone may not be able to. "We are just serving Reno County, however we have seen an influx of need in the schools, the public school system, we've got a lot of school nurses on our board and a lot of other people in our community who are seeing the need, not only in medical facilities but in the schools and families as well," says Warren. 

Since their start a year ago, they've help twelve families, but many more are on their waiting list. But in order to help them, the foundation is working to raise more funds."We're going to be having a fundraiser on Facebook, to get us started, so just go to at sleep tight Kansas and just see what we have there," says Warren.

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and our partners Devaughn James injury lawyers are honored to them as this week's wins for Kansas. 

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