Flood gate closes in Halstead


Workers with the City of Halstead are watching water levels and potential closings.

As of 2:00 p.m. Thursday, 36th to Essex Heights to the east of Halstead was no longer passable and city officials decided to close the flood gate on Halstead Road Thursday morning.

In other parts of town, the Little Arkansas River was not so little anymore and Riverside Park was almost part of a river itself.

“It’s a bad story for the farmers and the crops that are under water, that’s the sad part,” said Galen Buller.

Volunteers bagged sand in the morning to help place along the closed gates.

"We went ahead and closed our west flood gate on Halstead Road, just in anticipation and we've pre-staged sandbags for our east gate," said City Administrator Ethan Reimer.

Those flood gates were the reason a lot of people who live in the area said they felt secure.

“Halstead is safe,” Buller said. “We’re dry because of this levy that they built. Even though there’s a flood going on, I’m high and dry.”

Even lifelong residents said the same thing.

“It’s just unbelievable how much Mother Nature could put on us with all of this rain,” said Liz Boyd. “Thank goodness they finally put those in or this town would be in real trouble this time.”

City leaders said they will continue to watch the water levels before closing more gates.

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