Newton pawn shop to pay $2M in firearm lawsuit


A Newton pawn shop that sold guns involved in a deadly shooting in 2016 is paying a steep price. The attorneys representing one of the victims announced a $2 million settlement.

The Brady Center to prevent gun violence filed the suit against Newton's A Pawn Shop on behalf of Joshua Higbee, one of the victims killed in the Excel shooting that happened three years ago.

In all, three people were killed and 14 others were injured in the shooting after Cedric Ford opened fire on his colleagues at the Hesston business.

Ford was a convicted felon and got the guns through a straw purchase which means someone else bought the guns for him, making it illegal.

The Brady Center says if it wasn't for the pawn shops negligence, Josh Higbee and the two others killed might still be here.

The attorney for the Brady Center says this is a warning for businesses thinking about doing the bare minimum when making a gun sale.

"We will come after you, the victims will come after you because you simply have an obligation within the gun business to follow the law and do what you can to keep guns out of dangerous hands,” said Jonathan Low, Vice President of Litigation at Brady. “That's the message gun dealers across the country should get. It doesn't matter how small the town is, doesn't matter whether it's a red state or blue state, doesn't matter if it's a small case or a big case; there will be accountability if you don't act responsibly."

 Aside from having to pay the settlement, the owner of the pawn shop is no longer allowed to sell firearms. We tried to get ahold of the owner, but after searching, it appears the shop is closed and unfortunately we had no luck.