Seven siblings find forever home in a Derby family

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DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) -

Seven siblings were adopted Wednesday by the Fulbright family in Derby. 

The timing couldn't have been better. 

"Today is national siblings day. Did you know that? That is crazy. I didn't know that," says the kids' grandfather, Gary Bugg.

Gary and Lisa Fulbright already had 10 other children, but after today, their lineup changed to 17.

"We're doing what God's purpose is. Take care of the children in adoption since they don't have a family," says the kids' mom, Lisa Fulbright. 

All seven new Fulbrights are siblings and will now get a forever home together. A rarity for most foster kids. 

"It's really cool that they would allow a lot of foster kids to be adopted at once. It's amazing," says Emerson, the oldest of the children. 

Emerson will be 13 next week and while most teenagers are embarrassed by their parents, Emerson is just happy to have them. 

"My mom would leave me for days at a time without being home, and I don't know my dad. He's in Mexico, so it's nice having a dad here I can spend time with," says Emerson. 

The kids will now have their most basic needs met. 

"Hoarding food, things like that. Now, they know we have food. We'll always have food," says Fulbright. 

And, finally being able to enjoy just being kids.

"I've been on my first roller coaster. I've done amusement parks. I've done a lot of stuff that I didn't have before. I would actually celebrate holidays," says Emerson.

For Gary and Lisa, it's not about what they'll have to do, like feeding seven more mouths, but getting the chance to love and be loved by seven kids who no longer have to search for a family.