Wins For Kansas: The Village

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The Village Perinatal Support Network raises awareness and provide help with dealing with post partum depression.

The group's co-founder,Taryn Zweygardt, said one in seven moms and one in ten dad suffer from post partum depression and anxiety.

"Unfortunately, society has kind of made us believe that motherhood or having a baby is supposed to be the happiest time in our lives, so as moms if we feel any feelings that are different than that so sadness or irritability , we kind of shame ourselves and we're not willing to step out and speak to other people about those feelings," said Zweygardt.

The organization gives parents the tools they need in dealing with anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or other mental problems. TZweygardt also stresses the importance of parents speaking out when they need help.

"a mom that's going through post partum depression can sad, unable to rest whenever they lay down, their mind is racing constantly, they may have irritability, for some moms it comes in the form of rage or intense anger that they've never felt before. and also some moms will have thoughts of suicide or thoughts of harming their baby as well," she said.