Wins for Kansas: Faith Builders

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Faith Builders is a local non-profit that helps kids and families get back on their feet.

"Sometimes we have families for a season who are homeless and so we bring the kids in to keep the kids in a safe and stable environment," said Executive Director Andrea Dixon.

Not only that, but Faith Builders are volunteers doing a little bit of everything to help people in need.

"We've put some moms through driving school, we help them open bank accounts, and just do the things that they need to do to be successful in life and be the hero to their children," Dixon said.

Even partnering with Wichita schools, providing students in need with school supplies, hats, gloves, even snacks for hungry kids.

"We had one little guy that all he wanted was sheets and a blanket for his bed, so we bought him sheets and blankets for his bed, but when we took him home we discovered that nobody had beds, so then we got beds for everybody there," Dixon said.

Starting back in 2007, they're building relationships, even when people they help have gotten back on their feet. 

"They're pretty proud of what they have, and we work really hard to continue to stay involved with them and to just keep building them up," Dixon said.

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and our partners Devaughn James injury lawyers are honored to have Faith Builders as this week's Wins for Kansas.