Wins For Kansas: Wichita Warriors

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The Wichita Warrior Society is a local group helping to preserve the history and culture of Native Americans. The society was formed in 1984 to assist the Native American community. Randy Kenyon is a chairman of the group and he said that they also offer financial assistance to families in need.

"Sometimes you need some extra help so we try to be there for them.They is about 90 different tribes represented in Wichita Kansas today. and since our society is inter tribal we help all of them," said Kenyon.

The Wichita Warrior Society also hosts several Pow Wows throughout the year. Kenyon said it's an opportunity to pass down native dances down to the next generation. He also said they are always looking for new members.

"Its not so much whats here- but what's in here If you really feel it in your heart and want to help those people and communities and want to help them with the customs and the old ways then your invited to join," Kenyon said.