Walmart, Mama Lupe's give update on teen seen spitting in jar of salsa


"It's very disgusting,” said Teresa Gorges.

It’s a common reaction after seeing this video.

It shows a girl opening up a jar of salsa at a Walmart grocery store in Wichita and spitting into it. She shakes the jar then returns the lid before appearing to put it back onto the shelf for some unsuspecting customer to later buy.

Because the girl is just a minor and hasn’t been charged with any crime, we’re not going to show her face on TV.

But online this short clip has gone viral and has many people asking, “What’s being done?”

"I don't want to see her go to prison or anything, but I think she should have some repercussions,” said Walmart shopper John Stringer.

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We asked that question to District Attorney Marc Bennett. He says depending on the person’s mental state and their intent, it could be considered a criminal offense.

"Remember that what you do has an impact, and something you do, even as a teenager, in an act without thinking, impulsively, can have a detrimental effect on you,” said Bennett.

We asked Walmart for a statement and to review the surveillance video.

It said the girl came back with her parents to the north Meridian store and apologized to the management. They also say she called the salsa's maker, Mama Lupe’s, and apologized.

As a precaution, the company replaced all of its salsa at that location. They say they’re considering taking legal action.

Walmart says at the moment it’s not pursuing criminal charges. 

But that doesn't mean she's off the hook. That because this video will live forever on the internet.

"It could have a negative impact on your ability to get a job down the road,” said the district attorney.  

Walmart says this ordeal is a reminder for shoppers to always check the seals on your food.

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