Dalton Risner discusses Snyder decision

Bill Snyder’s retirement didn’t come as a shock to Dalton Risner who just finished his 5th and final year playing for the hall of fame coach.

"Everybody has to leave at some point but I’m just so honored to be coached by a coach like that. A legendary coach like coach Snyder," Risner told KAKE-TV. 

Snyder has 215 wins and 19 bowl appearances to his name but Risner says what made him such a great coach was how much he cared off the field.

"I think what he does a good job of is helping us realize football is going to end someday. And who are you going to be outside the game of football. What you do in school and the way you treat people and that kind of stuff matters."

K-State only won five games this year and missed out on a bowl game for the first time in years but Risner says don't let how things ended cloud what Snyder accomplished.

"Sometimes I think it’s more like sorry coach but it should be a congratulations," Risner said. "Ending a career like that coaching here for so long and turning around a program that no one wanted to be a part of."

Snyder will now be a special advisor to Kansas State as the university starts a national coaching search. There's a lot of unknowns in the future but Snyder left K-State much better than when he found it 30 years ago.