Supporters react to Laura Kelly's win in governor's race

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Governor-elect Laura Kelly's supporters say they're excited about the new direction Kansas will be moving in.

Kelly says she's excited to and knows she couldn't have done it without the push from young voters and moderate republicans.

Young voters feel as though their months long push to get their peers, who historically make up the least likely group of people to vote, paid off.

"It's because of these people as to why we won this election. The youth turnout is why we won this election," said young voter Ryan Reza.

Dozens of republican lawmakers crossed party lines and endorsed Kelly. Republican Senator Barbara Bollier of Johnson County, was punished for it by being stripped of her vice chair position in the senate.

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"Really, in the end, it's about what is needed, not just what party you want to run," Bollier said.

Kelly has prided herself on working across the aisle. It's something lawmakers believe helped her win, and will continue to pay off when it comes to moving Kansas in a new direction.

"First and foremost, Laura Kelly is willing to work with anyone. She has always been very actively bipartisan and she will continue that. I am absolutely certain," Bollier said.

"I think that she brings the ability to understand the policies... she works across party line and she knows when to compromise and when to tough it out," House Minority Leader. Jim Ward, said.

Kelly's supporters are excited about her promises to fully fund education and expand Medicaid.

Kelly says she'll be working closely with Governor Jeff Colyer to make the transition a smooth one. 

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