Halstead monitors rising water levels

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A town in Harvey County continues to monitor the rising water levels of the Little Arkansas River.

At noon, the three flood gates around Halstead remained open as water levels reached more than 16 feet.

Officials said they would consider closing the gates between 19 and 20 feet.

"There is an awful lot of standing water and all the tributaries are pretty full. What the final outcome will be? We don't know, until probably afternoon on Thursday," said Halstead Mayor Bill Ewert.

Some residents that came to see the rising water levels remember seeing it at around 11 feet in the morning. 

"(It's) an exciting thing for Halstead, even though it's a scary thing," said Stephanie Cornejo, resident. "You can see all the people coming to look. We like seeing what it's going to do and how high it's going to go. So, sad and scary at the same time and kind of exciting also, you know."

Emergency Management personnel will continue to monitor every hour. 

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