Murder-suicide victim told neighbor: 'You know he's going to kill me, right?'

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Randy Gile Randy Gile

A picture perfect marriage was not what what it seemed and eventually resulted in a murder-suicide over the weekend.

The rain matched the mood of many in a south Wichita cul-de-sac where the couple lived. Authorities say Randy Gile on Saturday shot his wife, Kristin, and then fatally shot himself east of Rock Road on 63rd Street South. 

"Too sad to even express," said James, a neighbor. "It shouldn't be happening. People weren't raised right. I'm sorry to say that, but if they're putting hands on women, they weren't raised right."

Jean Ndione, like other neighbors, is in disbelief that a couple he knew well had a very different life behind closed doors. 

"Whenever i would have car problems, he would come and fix it," said Ndione of Randy Gile. "He was a stand-up guy, very nice dude. Kristin, bless her heart. She cannot hurt a soul. She was a mother of six -- very dedicated."

But Ndione said Kristin told him last week a disturbing fact, one that turned out true on Saturday. 

"She told me... 'Jean, you know he's going to kill me, right?' I said, 'Why would say that? So tell me more.' 'I just know he's coming.'"

Randy Gile was arrested three weeks earlier for multiple counts of aggravated assault. The police reports also shows several guns were taken. 

On a fundraising page set up by Kristin's cousin, it shows Kristin went to a women's shelter and had a restraining order against her husband. 

"The only regret that I have is that it happened right under my nose, but I did not see it, Ndione said. "Quite frankly, the only thing I'm worried about at this point really is the kids."

Sister releases statement after Derby murder-suicide

Kristin's family said in a statement that they're thankful for the outpouring of community support. Thousands of dollars have been raised to help the couple's six children, and the family says "they know that Kristin can finally be at peace knowing they will be safe, loved and cared for."

Statement from Holly Thompson-Jerome, Kristin Florio-Gile's cousin:

The family of Kristin Florio-Gile would like to thank the community for the outpouring of support. When a tragedy such as this leaves you questioning humanity, it's the kind words from strangers that remind you that God is still here. Kristin was a sweet and caring person who always wanted the best for everyone. She was a loving and involved mother who always put her kids first. Because of this immense love of her children, we know she can finally be at peace knowing they will be safe, loved, and cared for. We are absolutely overwhelmed and appreciative of the generosity from everyone. Thank you all so much.

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