Mobile grocery store rolling into Kansas towns without food stores

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Grocery shopping is becoming much easier for those living in small Kansas towns without nearby food stores.

Brandy Terry and Tina Friend are filling their baskets with much-needed groceries. Terry is excited to see so many items on her list. 

“This is good stuff chili seasoning and they have taco seasoning,” Terry said.

While it looks like your average store with fruits, veggies and canned goods, it's not. The grocery store is on wheels.

Terry said, “I got fresh meat, hamburger meat. It was delicious. Bacon, it was awesome. Today I'm here for the cabbage.”

Terry heads over to the fridge filled with meats and dairy products and said, “This is where it's good. Look at this isn't it beautiful.”

Belle Plaine is one of many Kansas towns that are without a grocery store. The lack of places to shop forces people like Terry to drive many miles away just for basic goods.

Terry said, “It's an inconvenience not to have one because I have to go to Derby or Mulvane and I don't have a lot of time off.”

But now the Anchor Mobile Food Market is now rolling into towns like Belle Plaine to make grocery shopping easier.

The truck is run by a group of veterans called the Honor Capital LLC who wanted to help people living in food deserts. One of the veterans runs the Save-A-Lot food store in Winfield so that’s where all the goods come from.

Anita Hadley, Anchor Mobile Food Market District Manager said, “Right now this is the only truck they have. They are looking at another one to use in Oklahoma. This is the only grocery truck like this in the United States, so it's new.”

Belle Plaine hasn't has a store in years, so this grocery store on wheels is a welcome surprise.

Hadley said, “It's exciting to be able to help communities like this.”

Tina Friend said, “It's not that far to go but it sure is nice to not have to go. I think it's wonderful.”

If you are interested in where the grocery truck will be next follow its Facebook page: Anchor Mobile Food Market.