Hundreds of Wichitans sign flag for fallen Sedgwick County deputy

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Hundreds of Wichitans showed up this morning to the Law Enforcement Memorial to sign their names or leave a message of support on a Thin Blue Line flag for Deputy Robert Kunze. He was shot and killed in the line of duty over the weekend.

Blair Gisi wanted to take a few minutes out of his work day to show support.

He said,” My heart goes out to all these police officers who never know what is going to happen during any given stop. Living next to a police officer and seeing what kind of effect he has on the community, like I said your heart goes out to them. You want to do whatever you can to help them bounce back to keep them out there doing their job."

The Thin Blue Line flag signing event was hosted by KFDI. Radio Personality Tiny Burger was out promoting the event and encouraging people to stop by.

“I do it as a way to try, to give the community, a way to heal. And hopefully it provides some comfort for the family."

He says while he doesn't have any relatives in law enforcement, these tragedies touch him. He says this event gives not only himself but the community a way to show their support for the fallen deputy.

Tiny Burger said, “Ultimately this flag is going to make its way into the hands of the Kunze family. We're going to have it embroidered with his name and id number. We'll have it framed so that every time this family looks at it they can see the number of people who signed this flag.”

Sedgwick County Deputy Anthony Arndt who works at the jail says he had to stop by to support his family in blue. 

“I didn't know him personally but anytime you lose a fellow officer it's heartbreaking,”

And while signatures may not seem like much, those who signed hope their messages can help the Kunze family heal.

“It's such a crazy and unfortunate series of events and you hope that the family takes a little bit of solace seeing how much that officer meant to the community and how much he will be missed," Gisi said.