Rubber band bound puppies rescued from Wichita apartment

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Veterinarians had to work fast; the two puppies were found with the mouths shut tight with rubber bands.

Hospital director Brock Lofgreen says from the looks of their snouts, the rubber bands were on for about 12 hours.

He says the pups will be ok but if they weren't found when they were, the damage would likely be permanent.

"A lot of this tissue, if it would've come off here, if they lose the front part of their snout and their mouth, that doesn't regenerate; it would be gone forever,” he explained.

Fortunately, for the six-week-old dogs, a maintenance worker was asked to enter the apartment to fix a busted pipe. After seeing the dogs, police responded, along with Sarah Coffman, director of the Wichita Animal Action League.

"It's my professional opinion that this amounts to a felony animal cruelty charge,” said Coffman.  

The Wichita Animal Action League says the dogs were in cages covered in feces and not only did the dogs suffer tissue damage and swelling but also urine burns to their paws.

It’s possible the dog owners will have to surrender the animals and could face criminal charges.

"You lose a little bit of faith in humanity when you see stuff like this,” said Coffman. "We wouldn't ever treat a human baby like this; why would we ever treat an animal baby like this?" 

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