Wins for Kansas: Women Aspire

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Women Aspire is a nonprofit group helping women in Wichita who are struggling to get out of poverty.

Stephanie Stovall knows what it's like to struggle.

And through those experiences, she's now helping young mothers with resources like education, child care, housing and mentoring.

"We provide hope, we provide opportunities for women they might otherwise not have. The support and resources they need to move forward," said Stovall.

As the founder of Women Aspire, Stovall has helped hundreds of women over the years, it starts with the basics, like a home and child care.

"What I find is those basic needs are not met, they don't have a place to go or a place to stay," added Stovall.

The group is opening a daycare. When moms have someone to watch their children, Stovall says it frees them up to pursue an education.

"You can always get a job, but the jobs you can get without a trade or a college degree usually is not going to move you past the poverty line in Kansas."

And through it all, Women Aspire offers up a strong group of mentors.

"Sometimes you need someone to walk with you because it's tough to navigate the system," said Stovall.

Our partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honoring Women Aspire as this week's Wins for Kansas.

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