Ex of woman arrested in baby's death speaks out


It's been three days since a two-month-old baby was found dead in a Wichita hotel.

His parents, Christy Rollings And Kyle Kempton, were arrested for the baby's death.

We sat down with the father of Rollings' other children. He detailed a downward spiral that he says should've been prevented.

"She used to be a good person; she really was,” he said.

The death of the two-month-old Thursday shocked the city and disappointed him.

He didn't want to be identified, but he dated and has children with Rollings.

"She used to be a good mother, but drugs and alcohol got a hold of her and it messed her up,” he added.  

Investigators say Kempton called police, reporting the child wasn't breathing. When help arrived, it was too late.

Police say the parents had been drinking hours before.

And just two days before this horrible ending, police removed the twins and placed them with a family member.

It’s a pattern and behavior Rollings' ex says he's all too familiar with.

"My oldest daughter used to hoard stuff and keep hold of stuff because she never knew if it was gonna still be there tomorrow because when her mom started the downhill spiral that she was in, stuff that she had one day wasn't there tomorrow,” he recalled.  

He says they were together for over 14 years before splitting in 2012.

He was granted full custody of their two daughters after she failed to appear in court.

He says what happened to the infant is devastating.

"She got to leave the hospital with two more kids when she wasn't wanting to be a mother to the kids she's already got,” he stated.  

Now, he wants to see justice for a baby he says barely got to live his life.

Rollings is being held on two counts of child endangerment and Kempton on involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment charges.

Police say they're waiting for the autopsy to determine how the baby died.

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