More emergency drills in Kansas schools this year

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Lawmakers added new requirements for emergency preparedness drills for this upcoming school year.

Each school in Kansas is now required to do at least 16 emergency preparedness drills.

This includes four fire drills, three tornado drills, and nine crisis drills per year.

"We do drills every month. The more we do these drills and the more our students and our staff are comfortable talking about it and knowing how to respond, what to do, it'll go so much smoother," said Cara Ledy, principal at Wichita South High School.

Prior to the state requirement, Wichita Schools had already implemented crisis drills in the district. Last year, Wichita Schools had three crisis drills.

Those crisis drills range from a wide list of more than a dozen situations such as lockdown procedures and police and medical emergency responses.

The list also includes the Run-Hide-Fight intruder response. Wichita Schools created a video to help students and teachers in case a violent intruder comes into a school.

"I believe you have to be prepared for everything and anything, and you have to talk about why you're doing it," said Ledy.

Administrators are encouraged to communicate with parents about these drills.

"One of the things that we always recommend that our staff do, especially after they do a major evacuation drill or something that's a little bit out of the ordinary, is to use our parent communication tool," said Terri Moses.

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