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Lucas Hernandez Lucas Hernandez

Tim Miller is no stranger to missing persons cases. He has assisted with the search on countless investigations, and now his work has brought him to Wichita to search for Lucas Hernandez.

“We talked with a detective over the last couple of days and they said, “You know what, we could use your help up here,” Miller said.

Texas EquuSearch is a mounted search and recovery team.

It currently has over 1000 members who are available to search nation and worldwide.

“We’ve used drones. We’ve used horses, ATVs, sonar units for water. We have some of the best technology at our fingertips,” Texas EquuSearch Midwest Chapter Director, David Rader said.

Miller founded the nonprofit, all-volunteer organization in 2000, after the abduction and murder of his daughter Laura.

“I truly remember the day Laura was found and I remember taking that small sigh of relief. At least now I know and I realized then there is one thing worse than having a murdered child. That’s probably knowing they’re deceased out there somewhere and never being able to say goodbye,” Miller said.

EquuSearch has worked on many high profile missing persons searches, including that of Natalie Holloway and Caylee Anthony.

The volunteers work alongside investigators and then bring in community members to help assist in the search.

 “The way I look at it is we’re here to build the foundation. It’s the community that actually builds the house. So, we’re here and we rely heavily on the community to assist us as far as with airman power,” Rader said.

Miller just hopes they can help in finding answers to Lucas’s disappearance.

“We gotta do our best to find him,” Miller said.


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Texas EquuSearch arrived in Wichita early Saturday morning to assist in the search for 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez who was reported missing two weeks ago. 

The organization has assisted in 1,700 missing person's cases, including the search for Elizabeth Smart, since its founding in 2000.

"We do a lot of stuff with ground searches, the horses, the ATVs," said Tim Miller, EquuSearch's founder. "We've had tremendous success in water with our sonar equipment."

Drugs suspected in child endangerment case

His announcement Friday morning came after nearly two weeks of searches both by police, FBI, SWAT teams and Wichita residents.

Miller admits the possibility of finding Lucas alive is slim, but he's still hoping for a miracle.

"My thoughts are, probably has something has happened to him. But I love it when I'm wrong," he said.

Members of the organization will meet with detectives Saturday morning, and will pursue a search plan based off of the results of that meeting.

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For nearly two weeks, the Wichita Police Department investigators have been searching for Lucas Hernandez.

"There's still a lot of hope. A lot of department members have put in a lot of time up to this point and plan on putting in a lot more time if necessary to bring Lucas home," said Capt. Brent Allred.

More than 100 law enforcement officers have been involved in the search for Lucas since February 17th, when he was reported missing from his southeast Wichita home.

"We want to find Lucas very badly and it eats at you every day," said Allred. "It's just on your mind 24-7 and I know it's on a lot of people's minds."

Members of Texas EquuSearch, a mounted search and recovery group, are heading to Wichita to search on Saturday. The location was not announced.

Police have said the stepmother, Emily Glass, last saw Lucas at 3 p.m. on the 17th before both of them took a nap. Glass reported him missing at 6:15 that evening.

Since the 5-year-old was reported missing, officers have searched Lucas' home, neighborhood, and various local parks. 

"Lucas just didn't walk out of the house. There's somebody or somebodies that knows something about Lucas and maybe someone will hear something and give us that information that will lead us to Lucas," said Allred.

Volunteers continue to search for Lucas Hernandez

Allred said information from the investigation and a second tip led detectives to Chisholm Creek Park twice last week. 

During those park searches, police have utilized drones, canines, horses, and people to find clues that will lead them to Lucas.

While there are no active park searches by the department at this time, private citizens have been searching public properties trying to find Lucas.

"Technology is great but it's not the cure all to solving these cases. We solve more cases by people. In our community that care about what goes on here in Wichita and then letting us know about it," said Allred.

Anyone with any information about Lucas is encouraged to call the tip line at (316) 383-4661.

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