Wichita clinics offer vitamin C remedy for flu sufferers

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A Wichita clinic is offering an unconventional treatment for Kansans trying to avoid the flu.

It's vitamin C, in the form of an IV drip, and patients swear by it.

"I get it every two weeks and I have not gotten a virus. I haven't had colds," says Diane Landers.

The clinic says it's not just your average orange juice.

"We add anywhere from 15 to 25,000 milligrams of Vitamin C," says Dr. Ron Hunninghake. "The gummy bears you are talking about might have 250 milligrams. We have good evidence that high doses of vitamin C or ascorbic acid is beneficial." 

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And the drip is made up of more than just vitamin C. It's packed with vitamin B and other nutrients.

Dr. Hunninghake says, "If a person comes in with the early stage, one treatment might be enough but we'll up their oral vitamin C. If they are really sick they may need two or three treatments."

The remedy seems to be catching on, according to Jill Crotty, a Healing Waters Nurse Practitioner.

"We recently added to our aesthetic menu IV immune boosters, it's a combination of vitamins and minerals. You have your vitamin C, all of your B vitamins and minerals."

Healing Waters offers 3 different dosages for its vitamin C IV drip.

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