Governor Jeff Colyer promises a different tone from the Brownback administration

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After the celebration of the inauguration wears off, the hard work begins. Governor Jeff Colyer promises to listen to not only his fellow politicians, but the people of Kansas.

In a sit-down interview with KAKE News, Colyer said he feels honored to be the 47th Governor. He said, "You're going to see a very different pace and a very different tone. I listen. I work with people. That's who I am."

However, various lawmakers have voiced their opinions, saying they feel like Colyer will not be any different than Sam Brownback and his administration. Colyer insists he will bring different ideas to the Statehouse.

Democrat John Carmichael, who represents the 92nd District said, “"If anyone thinks that the Jeff Colyer administration will be any different from the Brownback administration, I think they are sorely mistaken."

Colyer understands there might be a negative stigma due to his association with Brownback, but he maintains he will bring a different tone,

"No one confuses Trump and Pence. Watch what we do. So tomorrow you will see major changes. You'll see new announcements on staffing and organization. Next week you will see some changes in transparency. You'll see changes in sexual harassment policy and a joint address."

Education is one of the items he's already prioritizing. In fact, this morning Colyer said he met with leadership from both parties to discuss education funding. 

He also stressed the importance of not only growing the economic development in the state, but retention.

He said, "For me, we need to grow our state and I'm going to focus on growing our state and making sure that we have more workforce, more workforce training so it's appropriate for the jobs of the state."

Colyer is also running for the office he now holds until the November election.

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