Grandmother can't figure out 'bun in the oven' pregnancy announcement

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Wesley and Shantelle Dozier found out just before Christmas that, after years of infertilitystruggles, Shantelle Dozier was pregnant.

In order to share the goods news with Wesley Dozier's mom, Cynthia Dozier, the Montz, Louisiana, couple put a hot dog bun in the oven.

PHOTO: Cynthia Dozier examines a hot dog bun her son and daughter-in-law put in an oven to reveal their pregnancy.

Cynthia Dozier, a grandmother of 11, was quick to get the bun out of the oven but then had a hard time putting the clue together.

“A bun’s in the oven," Cynthia Dozier says in a video shared by the family. "Who put a bun in the oven?”

“You put the bun in the oven?” Cynthia Dozier asks Wesley Dozier.

PHOTO: Cynthia Dozier holds a hot dog bun her son and daughter-in-law put in an oven to reveal their pregnancy.

“Maybe not that oven,” Wesley Dozier replies.

After more than a minute of additional questioning and family laughter in the background, Cynthia Dozier puts it together and gives her son a tearful hug.

PHOTO: Cynthia Dozier hugs her son, Welsey Dozier, after learning he and his wife are expecting.

"It actually played out exactly like we thought it would," Shantelle Dozier told ABC News. "We knew she wasn’t going to get it right away."

Shantelle Dozier said the family frequently plays jokes on Cynthia Dozier. This time, though, the family matriarch had a very good reason not to even consider that it would be a pregnancy announcement.

PHOTO: Wesley and Shantelle Dozier, of Montz, Louisiana, are expecting twins in August.

Shantelle Dozier and her husband had nearly given up trying for a baby after many years of unsuccessful fertility treatments. They decided to try a final treatment but did not tell any family members.

PHOTO: Shantelle and Wesley Dozier are expecting twins after years of infertility struggles.

After sharing their pregnancy news with Cynthia Dozier last month, Wesley and Shantelle Dozier discovered they are having twins.

"The funny thing is when [Cynthia] grabbed the bun out of the oven, it broke in half," Shantelle Dozier said. "That was our first sign."