Wins for Kansas: Wichita Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army helps thousands of people in Kansas every year and that red kettle is a sight as familiar as Christmas lights.  

While the organization raises a lot of its money during the holiday season, it uses the money year round to provide food and clothing for people in need. The Salvation Army as helps out people who have been hit by disasters, such as hurricanes Maria, Harvey, and Irma. 

Major Ken Shields of the Wichita Salvation Army says that people forget about donating to the Salvation Army when the red kettles get put away. "The see us during the Christmas season, but the fact of the matter is the kettles are put up at the end of the season, but we are still working everyday with people who need food and clothing and different help to keep their heads above water."

The organization also accepts monetary donations in the mail as well as online.

The Wichita Salvation Army was honored by DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers with a $500 Wins for Kansas grant.