Halstead Schools send supplies to hurricane victims

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Tuesday morning Halstead Middle School students were busy carrying loads of supplies from the school to a waiting pickup truck and trailer bound for Pasadena, Texas.

Students in the Halstead District including from Bentley Primary, Halstead Elementary and Middle Schools started collecting supplies soon after Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas.  

Middle School Principal Ron Barry said the schools connected with an intermediate school in Pasadena, a suburb of Houston to find out what kind of needs they had.  Barry said the Halstead students also got together to think about what they'd be in need of, if they were in the same position.

Fifth grader Dalaina Schutte said,  "I think they're going through rough times because they could have losses.  And I bet all their stuff is ruined."  

SIxth grader Mya Morris said, "I really feel like we're helping them because we're donating all this stuff.  And we have school supplies and clothes for all of them."  

Math teacher Deven Maxwell said, "It's our little school, our little district can really make a big impact on someone else and help them out with the tragedies they're going through."  

Maxwell and Barry took the boxes of supplies the students handed them and packed them into a U-Haul trailer.

Barry says those supplies will be driven to Pasadena to be distributed Wednesday morning at the "V.W. Miller Intermediate School."