Superhero costume wearing preemie nearing release from hospital

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A premature infant in a Wichita hospital is getting closer and closer to going home, but while her parents wait in the hospital, they are trying to create memories.

Hillary and Brendon Thackery tried for months to have a child and after working with a reproductive specialist, Hillary became pregnant through in-vitro fertilization. Then a medical issue caused Hillary to be hospitalized and then give birth early.

Thackery was only 24 weeks pregnant and concerned that her daughter would not make it being so premature; between medical experts and trying the best she could, she held off on labor for two weeks and then gave birth.

“The expected due date is still August 11,” she laughed. The couple’s daughter was born on May 5, 2017 and named Harper Grace Thackery.

“One pound, 11 ounces,” Brendon Thackery said instantly from memory.

After many ups and downs, the family is getting closer to being out of the special wing at the hospital for premature babies.

“It’s going to be exciting to see her here and actually come in this room,” Brendon Thackery said while in the couples nursery.

While trying to pass the time over the Fourth of July holiday, they dressed up Harper in a costume fit for a superhero.

“We were like, that is what a real wonder woman is,” Hillary Thackery said. “She is the one that is in the hospital and has all these needles poked into her.”

A photo shared by the couple shows Harper dressed up as an iconic American superhero, Wonder Woman.

“Well, Harper is kind of the true ‘Wonder Woman’,” Hillary Thackery proclaimed.

The couple hopes to have Harper home by mid-August, but expects some problems along the way. They worry about their daughter having some breathing problems throughout her life.

Both Hillary and Brendon hope that their story can help others in their situation. They feel there is a negative stigma on infertility when there should not be. They also said they experienced a feeling of guilt at the hospital, leaving their child there, but said that staying in the hospital for weeks makes parents of premature infants go stir-crazy. The pair hope to become advocates for couples like them and give them hope and insight. 

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