Wichita woman's purse stolen at cemetery

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Thieves often look for people who are unaware of their surroundings and don't notice trouble, until its too late. 

Sharon Bacon, a Wichita woman who often visits her late husband's grave, but what happened to her there has left her feeling afraid. 

It was April 15th, the day before Easter, Bacon was all alone in the cemetery, standing over her husband's grave site when a strange car pulled up next to hers. Bacon said she had no idea what they were doing and never would have dreamed someone would steal from her while she was that close. 

Every time she replaces the flowers on his grave she likes to take a picture with her phone to send to her daughter. When she went to grab her phone she noticed her purse was gone. "I had no purse, no phone, and then I thought, 'Oh that's what they were up to,' all I had were my keys and my car," Bacon said.

She reported the crime to police and was surprised to learn she's not alone. Last year Wichita Police investigated a similar theft at a cemetery on East 21st Street.  Police say many of these are crimes of opportunity for thieves during the spring and summer month. People at parks, pools, and gyms shouldn't let the guard slip.

As for Bacon, she's learned just how low some criminals will go. "I just can't come out her by myself anymore, I mean it's too spooky because what if they had decided they wanted my keys. When you are dealing with people like this, they have no boundaries." 

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