Hundreds of dead fish found in east Wichita creek

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Dead fish by the hundreds and trash litter the bank all along a local creek. It's a sight that's concerning some residents in the east Wichita neighborhood. 

The unnamed stream begins near Fabrique Eastwood and flows between Fabruque all the way to near Skinner street, where it empties into Gypsum Creek.

Christine Pollard says many days she and her husband can be found taking their dog out and going for a stroll along the waterway.

"We like living here by the creek. We walk the dog every night. The dog loves it,” Pollard said.

But those walks have been less than pleasant recently.

"There were hundreds of dead fish today," Pollard said.

While she doesn't know what caused the fish to die. Pollard says she's noticed more people have been littering in the area.

"The problem I've noticed is hazardous waste. I saw a can of some type of hazardous waste down there by the bridge and I don't know if that's what killed the fish,” Pollard said.

Pollard and her husband try to protect the stream and its wildlife themselves often cleaning it up and cutting some of the grass. But recently she's seeing more and more litter -- especially broken glass bottles. 

“Now that it is getting nicer, it is getting worse," she said. "My husband and I come out every weekend and we bring a trash bag and pick up trash. I haven't swept up the glass."

While Pollard and her husband try to keep the creek clean she is hoping people can respect the environment.

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