Young cancer survivor raises thousands to help kids undergoing chemo

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Brooklyn Cowsill or “B” for short is officially done with undergoing chemo. Her last session was just this past June.

B was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, when she was eight years old.  

She said, "I would just be brave about it. I would have to face it because if I didn't it would get worse and I don't want that."

Seventeen rounds of chemo and 15 blood transfusions later she is now in remission.

Her mom, Kim Cowsill said, "She had a tumor on her pelvic bone and they had to take her whole pelvic bone out."

For a young child, chemo was hard. She says it took a toll on her appetite. Often her family would pack lunches but she didn’t want them. Her family found themselves spending a lot of money when she was craving fast food.

B said, "I didn't eat too too much because your taste buds change in chemo. Every week I would go on different cravings."

Experiencing chemo and how it affected her taste buds, she decided to raise money to buy restaurant gift cards for kids undergoing treated at Dr. Rosen’s Pediatric Oncology Clinic.

At school she raised money hosting a hat day where students had to make a small donation to participate.

Kim said,"in addition to that we set up a You Caring page and people started donating to that.

Through the page, they’ve raised about $1,300 and through outside donations, the collections are now at about $3,000. The donations are still pouring in.

Kim said, "we expected maybe a couple of hundred dollars that would be nice but it just blew up and I was stunned."

Now kids at the clinic can choose gift cards to any restaurant they’re craving.

Kim said, “I’m always proud of her. She's just amazing. She's brave and keeps going through everything and then she wants to keep giving back.

B said, "I'm just glad about everything right now and done. And I just feel glad to give back to the people that helped me so much."

B will be turning 10-years-old on Halloween night.

Anyone wanting to help B in her wish to help other childhood cancer families can find more information on her website

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