Head of Kansas foster care system devalues scathing audit

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Department for Children and Families SecretaryPhyliss Gilmore Department for Children and Families SecretaryPhyliss Gilmore

Some Kansas Democrats want the head of the Department for Children and Families to resign.  It comes after a new government report issued Wednesday uncovered several problems with the state's foster care system.  

Phyllis Gilmore, Secretary of the DCF, has the support of Gov. Sam Brownback.  She said Wednesday she won't step down, and is trying to devalue the audit.

Kansas lawmakers ordered the legislative post-audit which found issues with background checks on foster parents, checking on foster children and investigating allegations of abuse.

You can view the entire audit here.

"This audit, although insightful, does not provide a complete picture of the child welfare system in Kansas. It’s an indictment of the process, not the outcomes. And we will continue every day to improve the process," said Gilmore.

"If the public knew all there is to know, the blame would justly fall on the shoulders of those who inflict harm on innocent children. Our workers’ morale is low because they don’t have support from the public. They face heavy caseloads and never-ending scrutiny, but they keep coming back because they know, as I know, their work is important. It’s life-saving. They are heroes," Gilmore continued.

A second part of the audit still needs to be done.  It will look into whether DCF is following state and federal laws.  Part II of the audit is expected to take 11 months.