Family enters Koch Industries' Habitat home

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After weeks of building by one of Wichita's largest companies, a family dream house became a home Wednesday.   

The Sisk family broke ground for the Habitat for Humanity home eight weeks ago. Wednesday was move-in day, and spirits were high.

"This has been the day we have been looking forward to for so long, and it's finally here," said homeowner Jennifer Sisk. "No better feeling than to walk through those doors and to know that this is mine, and that I get to come home to it every day."

After moving around for several years, Sisk's niece Alizaya was excited to settle down and live a normal life again with her family 

"Just the basic family things that everyone has," she explained; "eating dinner together... celebrating holidays together."

Practically the entire home was built by Koch company products. Everything from the grass to the walls was put together using their materials, and almost 500 Koch Industries employees helped build the home

"We're just creating an opportunity for a good family to earn their own home, and this will put them on a pathway to success in their lives," said Meredith Olson, Koch Vice President of Public Affairs.

The home was designed and built to be more energy-efficient, which should mean lower heating and cooling bills for the Sisks.