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  • Our Flag- The next time you're with your child and you see an American flag, point it out. Explain that it stands for our whole country.

  • Our Pledge- Explain that the pledge is simply a promise. We're giving our word that we'll be loyal to our country, which the flag stands for, because it's a place where we can decide who our leaders will be, where everyone sticks together, where our goal is for people to be free and treated fairly by others.

  • Our National Anthem- The Star Spangled Banner. Explain that it's our country's song and that we sing it to show that we are proud to be American. To signal our respect, we usually stand while singing it.

  • Our Independence Day- You don't have to wait until the 4th of July to explain what the fun is about. It marks the day in 1776 that a group of determined patrioits declared our independence, that no other country could rule us.

  • Our Communities- Your child's home and community are the most real and important parts of America to her. Take a walk together around your neighborhood, and talk about the values shared by the members of your community.

  • Our Protectors- Young kids are also comforted by the knowledge that there are people whose job it is to protect and help us. Some, like police officers, work nearby. Others, like the men and women in the military, may work farther away.

  • Our Presidents- Ask your child to imagine that he or she has become President- what would they do? Talk about what some of our most important president have done. Explain that being President isn't the same as being a king who rules for life.

  • Our Rights- Our country is special because it guarantees us specific rights, these are our freedoms. To bring this idea to life, show how you use your rights every week when you pray (or not), read the paper, and say what you think.

  • Our Responsibilities- Talk to your child about how our country is like a family: Everyone needs to pitch in. As a member of our country, we go to school, vote, obey the law, and pay taxes.

  • Our People- In most countries, like China or Ireland, citizens share a common culture or ethnicity. But in America, we share a common idea-that people should have certain freedoms. This promise of freedom has inspired people from all over the world to come here and become Americans.

    Source: Parents Magazine

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