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Stem cell therapy uses your own cells to accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal — faster and without invasive surgery.


How Stem Cells Work

Adipose stem cells are “blank,” or undifferentiated, cells that an adult’s body creates to replace dying cells or heal damaged tissue. Once collected in a nearly painless procedure from naturally occurring fatty deposits, these stem cells can be reintroduced into specific areas of the body to regenerate healthy cells and accelerate the body’s healing processes.

Realizing the Potential to Accelerate Healing

In a single four-hour session, our physicians can collect and deploy your Adipose stem cells to affected areas in your body. We use a nearly pain-free collection of stem cells from your own natural fatty deposits, rather than from a more painful, time-consuming bone marrow extraction.

Adult adipose stem cells from naturally occurring fatty deposits are abundant in quantities up to 2,500 times those found in bone marrow. The abundance of these stem cells allows for multiple treatments on the same day — something impossible with bone marrow extraction. Our procedure requires only local anesthesia and, in most cases, recovery is almost immediate.

As we learn more about the workings of stem cells and increase our ability to apply medical breakthroughs, we are realizing the remarkable therapeutic potential stem cells can have to help the body heal itself.

Advancing Access and Quality Care

At KRMC, we are at the forefront of stem cell technology and research with a focus on advancing access and quality care in the area of adult stem cell regenerative medicine. It is our mission to help people suffering from a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions. Our research and experience, as well as an ever increasing list of unbiased, peer reviewed medical journals and articles, continue to indicate that adult, Adipose tissue-derived stem cells are the future of regenerative medicine.

Conditions & Treatments

• Knees

• Shoulders

• Feet and Ankles

• Elbows

• Urology

• Neurology

• Autoimmune Disease

• Cardiac and Pulmonary

• Back and Neck

• Hips

• Hands and Wrists

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