WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - For the third time since early February, Evergy disconnected power at Towne West Square in west Wichita due to the owner's unpaid bill. 

"Kohan Retail Investment Group has again fallen delinquent on the electricity bill for Towne West Mall, and Evergy disconnected service at the mall," Evergy said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. "The larger stores at the mall have separate accounts that remain in good standing and are not subject to disconnection."

Passageways, one of the mall's tenants, said late Thursday morning that the power was still out. 

"Please pray for all the veterans moving into housing without household goods because the mall is closed," Passageways said. "It hurts our hearts to think of them in empty apartments. Not a good way to start the next chapter."

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Evergy's statement is identical to the one the utility sent KAKE News the last time the power was cut, February 27. Before that, it was February 7. Each time, power was restored later in the day. 

In Jun 2023, the company paid the bill just in time to keep the lights from going off. In early September, Evergy cut the power for a few hours before Kohan made a payment. It happened again in November.
In November, the shutoff affected 58 tenants, and one tenant said that all tenants were informed they were no longer allowed to speak to KAKE News.
A former Towne West employee told KAKE News last year that from time to time, the company writes workers bad checks that end up bouncing.  
Kohan owns malls all over the country, and with a quick search online, it's obvious it has a history of writing bad checks. One of its malls in Florida almost lost power in 2017 because of more than $400,000 worth of bad checks sent to the electric company.