WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Evergy confirmed to KAKE News Monday morning that it had disconnected the power to Towne West Square. The shutoff affected 58 mall tenants. The larger stores that pay that are on separate accounts still had power. 

Later Monday, Evergy stated that Kohan Retail Investment Group paid the bill and the power was back on.

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The Towne West Square mall is once again facing a power shut-off, leaving 58 of its stores in the dark.

Evergy confirmed Sunday that it will be disconnecting the power in Towne West Square by Monday morning.

Stores that pay for their own electricity will not be affected.

Passageways, a veteran outreach center located in the mall, posted to its Facebook page that the payment made by Kohan, the mall's parent company, 'did not clear the bank.'

Passageways went on to say that no power means that the mall shuts down and their business won't be able to provide its regular veteran services.

It also says other stores in the mall could see a great loss of revenue.

This isn't the first time Towne West has run into issues with paying its power bill.

The same situation happened twice earlier this year, once in June when the company paid the bill just in time to keep the lights from going off, and the second time in early September when Evergy actually cut off for a few hours before Kohan made a payment.

KAKE News reached out to tenants at the mall, and while most did not respond, one told us that all tenants were informed they were no longer allowed to speak to KAKE News.